Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Welcome to the home of House Ancora! House Ancora (HA) is a fellowship of online gamers dedicated to promoting cooperation, role-playing, and merriment in company with one another across the varied landscapes of today’s online gaming environment. We firmly believe that friendship transcends any gaming environment and is independent of any specific style, genre, server, or realm.

Our Creed


We, the members of House Ancora, believe in the precepts of camaraderie and courtesy, honor and nobility, stewardship and samaritanship, sincerity and humility, and loyalty and fair play. We strive to reflect these tenets and have FUN in all our endeavors.

We exhibit the tenets of camaraderie and courtesy by:

  • extending the hand of friendship to one another. We recognize that the friendships cultivated within House Ancora are meant to survive beyond the confines of any specific guild, realm, or game, and fully acknowledge that the most important component of our community is its people.
  • maintaining courtesy in dealing with others. We mind our manners and strive to be both attentive and polite.

We exhibit the tenets of honor and nobility by:

  • keeping one's word and speaking only truth.
  • exhibiting self-discipline, and never betraying a confidence or a comrade.
  • showing respect to other Ancorans and the community as a whole. This includes handling issues and conflict with mature discussion, refraining from complaining for the purpose of stirring up trouble, and avoiding whining, begging, acts of obsequiousness, and generally negative speech.

We exhibit the tenets of stewardship and samaritanship by:

  • being mindful of the needs of others and taking the time to understand their circumstances.
  • being responsible for our own actions.
  • being generous as far as our resources and time will allow, and providing assitance to those in need whenever possible and practical, asking nothing in return save companionship.

We exhibit the tenets of sincerity and humility by:

  • thinking before we speak, and using wisdom and discretion in both word and action while expressing ourselves with grace and dignity.
  • avoiding profanity, obscenities, "spam", and sexually explicit expressions in public communications.
  • refusing to make derogatory remarks about others, or making personal attacks on other members, instead resolving disagreements through mature discussion.
  • valuing first the contributions of others and heralding their accomplishments, thereby avoiding boastfulness.

We exhibit the tenets of loyalty and fair play by:

  • refusing to use cheats and exploits in the games we play.
  • refusing to backstab, scam, slay, steal from or otherwise harm those to whom we hold allegiance. We are faithful to those in the community and those who put their trust in us.
  • proudly carrying the banner of House Ancora, and play with members in the community whenever feasible.

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