Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Welcome to the home of House Ancora! House Ancora (HA) is a fellowship of online gamers dedicated to promoting cooperation, role-playing, and merriment in company with one another across the varied landscapes of today’s online gaming environment. We firmly believe that friendship transcends any gaming environment and is independent of any specific style, genre, server, or realm.

The Saga

Once upon a time, in the land of Grayshire lived a noble and chivalrous king. King Acaenyd – rightful ruler of the Castle Ancora by Divine Right, blood descendant of the Goddess Nagarren, and the Hand of Providence – ruled his kingdom with a fair and even hand. The land saw prosperity and peace for the many years of his rule. But like all heroes whose stories have been told for generations, Acaenyd had one fatal flaw: he loved his sons as all father’s do… but his love was so deep and extreme he was blinded to their true natures.

Thus it came to pass that upon his deathbed, before he breathed his last, King Acaenyd divided his kingdom into three parts. He made each one of sons Governor of a provincial kingdom, yet two were still sworn to the single brother who would bear the mantle of divine right.

To his youngest son – Beridane – he bequeathed the Mountain kingdom of Ironskane. This towering range formed the Eastern boundary of the land of Grayshire, serving as a natural barrier between his kingdom and the neighboring clan-hordes of the Orcs. The mountain kingdom was wealthy – rich in ore and furs. Through a cooperative agreement that had lasted for centuries, the ‘Skanes enjoyed trade with the Dwarves, who lived deep under the mountains mining ore and minerals and creating wonders.

To his middle born son, Graelor, King Acaenyd bequeathed the Shrikefield – the southern plains. This territory was bordered on the South by the desert of Asheruk and provided yet another natural demarcation of where the kingdom began and ended. The land in the South was fertile and careful management of farming techniques ensured it stayed thus. The agricultural center of the kingdom, this area was wealthy from trade of its grain and produce.

Pallanon – firstborn son, the chosen favorite and the future Hand of Providence, the true chosen descendant of the Goddess Nagarren – was bequeathed the coastal kingdom to the West. This, too, was a wealthy region for it provided the only seaport with the outside world. A cosmopolitan place, Port Westgale was home or destination for many different peoples and artisans, who arrived from places both known and mysterious to ply their trades. In addition to governing the coastal kingdom, Pallanon also ruled over all foreign commerce and thus the destiny of the whole of the three kingdoms. He controlled the only source of trade routes to the outside world. Goods could neither enter nor leave Port Westgale without Pallanon’s permission.

After King Acaenyd had dictated his last will and testament to his royal vizier, he took his last breath and surrendered his spirit to the gods content in his belief that his kingdom was in good hands. He trusted his sons to rule wisely and ensure continued peace and prosperity.

Alas, it was not to be. No sooner was the Great King interred in his tomb than the three brothers began bickering amongst themselves. Each coveted what the other possessed, and thus the Trade War began. Minor disagreements over tariffs, taxes and prices both high and undercut soon devolved into steel clashing with steel and blood staining the landscape. The days of peace experienced just a year before became little more than a memory and battle, blood, distrust and betrayal soon became the order of the day.

Five years after the Trade War began, Beridane, Governor Lord of the Mountain Kingdom, grew tired of the fighting and decided to take the first of several steps to end it once and for all. He hired an assassin named Teran, a member of an arcane order of killers and spies older than memory, and paid him a ransom’s worth of the aptly named Bloodcoin (the gold currency of the Mountain kingdom, so named due to its ruby hue). Teran’s mission was to infiltrate the palace where Pallanon, now King, and his family resided. On one dark night, the skilled murderer earned his pay and slew King Pallanon, Queen Jaedda, and the eldest daughter Etewen.

The whole of the grim task however remained incomplete for the youngest daughter was not in the palace that eve. Although it seemed no stone was left unturned, the last heir to the throne was nowhere to be found. Without the decimation of the entire bloodline the Mountain Lord could claim no victory, and he felt in his bones that this daughter still lived, in hiding, somewhere… She would have to be found and killed before her coronation, he vowed…

This is where our story begins and many questions are left unanswered….

-What of Lord Graelor? Where does he stand? And what is happening between him and his only living brother after this act of cruelty? Has Graelor been deceived? Or does he know full well what his younger brother has done?

-What of the otherwise honorable Dwarves and their Lord Mastercrafters? What do they think of their Mountain neighbor now? It is rumored that Beridane has even had dealings with the Orcs….

-Though the murderous Beridane has opened the seatrade lanes to his own ends, he does not control all of Westgale. People loyal to the memory of Pallanon and his Father still fight on in rebellion in the name of righteousness…but where is their Princess?

-The Elves across the sea and Elborne their King were great trade partners with the former Kings…. what do they think?

-There are rumors of Necromancy stirring from the far North and tales of Daemons rising from the Burning Pits of Desert Asheruk… what Chaos has been unleashed in the world by this grave turn of events?

Our destiny awaits……

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