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Book Two - A Gathering Storm

Written by - Tempyst Page 18 Book 2

Tempyst heard the great gate break, it sounded like a cracks of lighting racing through the sky. "There he is!" Lucant shouted and pulled Tempyst along with him. Tempyst looked to where Lucant had pointed and indeed, there he was, Commander Ithramir. She remember the strong willed elf she had first met those few days ago. She too could see the light about him, the strength of his aura and his link with the divine. She could not help but smile slightly at the irony, thinking of how he told her that he was protector and warden of these lands. Now he would see that it was not only the lands that needed protection.

She saw the armies rush forth, including the elf in black. But then a hail of arrows began to rain down and an orc rushed out of the rubble they were passing by. She let go of Lucant's hand, knowing he needed to focus on his fight and stepped back into a doorway, to protect herself from the rain of arrows. She watched Lucant fight with A'lanthear, looking as if he had wielded the sword all his life. Suddenly, she felt a strong hand grab her from behind and yank her inside the building. She looked up as she was thrown to the floor and saw the large orc hovering over her. He smiled and let out a chuckle as he drew his sword up. He held it there for a moment; a moment was all Tempyst needed. She felt her anger well up and she felt the worked wood around her. But even within worked, cut wood, there were still hints of life. It only took Tempyst that moment that the orc had paused to call upon that life with her anger. The wood in the building creaked and rattled, from chairs, to walls, to tables. Then with what sounded like a scream, the wood erupted, sending splinters into the orc.

The orc let out his own scream as he felt the hundreds of pieces of wood pierce him through armor, into his skin, the pain and surprise in his voice. Then, it was silent and he collapsed on the floor in front of Tempyst. She could see now, running through the doorway, was Lucant, fear in his face. She stood, smiled and stepped over the dead orc. "Lucant, you must be more careful, I was worried about you. Now, lets get going and please, be more careful!" Tempyst stepped past Lucant, looked around and proceeded to head towards Ithramir. Both she and Lucant took more heed this time and dodged through the arrorws and small fights to get closer to the commander. They were almost to him when they were stopped by some elves; Lucant showed him his insignia and they were let pass.

Just as they approached the Commander, another elf approached him and started speaking excitedly. At one point, Ithramir seemed much more interested in what the elf had to say. Then the elf pointed back across the square to where another elf was setting down someone. It was then Ithramir gave some orders and began to make his way back to the square. Tempyst sighed, looked at Lucant, knowing that they had just been there and followed suit, hoping to catch up with this great elf they Nyrondis had told them to warn and protect.

Written by - Turin Wallace

Even in the midst of a siege there were surprises, and not just those devised by an enemy. As he and his men gathered under what protection they could find, as the dwarves relentlessly pounded the keep gate, he can hear a runner approaching. Watching as the young elf deftly avoids the incoming arrows, only to be stopped by one of his officers and then let free to find him, he had a feeling it was going to some word of importance. "Maybe the orcs surrendered?" He chuckled at the thought, but it was brief as he listened to what the elf, named Daveon, told him.

Looking across the courtyard he could see a female elf being cared for, she was in pretty bad condition, no doubt locked away for ritual sacrifice. Speaking up, he says,

"They like to starve them, you know."

Daveon replies,


Ithramir continues,

"The orcs, they like to starve prisoners, it takes the fight out of them so when they sacrifice them to their god they won't resist. Seems Kaya was found in time, no?"

Daveon's eyes grew a bit wider at the knowledge, and says,

"What should we do with her, sir?"

Letting a small smile escape his normally rigid face, Ithramir replies,

"See that she is cared for, let Nohlani become personally responsible for her, tell him this."

Turning to the newcomers who had just presented themselves, the man and woman he met at the Citadel a few days ago, Daveon prepares to make the run back. Before he dashes off, Ithramir says,

"Oh, and Daveon, good work. Keep safe and you just may find yourself a Ranger soon enough."

Giving him a salute, he watches Daveon bound away, a large smile on his gentle face.

Returning his attention to the two humans in front of him, he says,

"Now, Lucant and Tempyst is it? What brings you hear, amidst all this blood and slaughter? What is so important that you risk the life of both yourselves and your child?"

He watches their eyes grow wide at his last words, the same grin he had earlier returns to his lips as he says,

"Come now, even without my godsight I can tell by the way you shield and walk with her that she carries your child. Even if you did not mentally know this, your souls and bodies knew. Now I say to you both again, why are you here?"

Leaning his back against the stone wall, he waits for them to answer.

Written by - Ardwen

The Orcs were waiting for them on the other side of the gates leading to the keep, the Beast did not care. Ardwen charged, and death flowed from him. His mighty blade was a feather in his hands now, and he often swung it about with one hand, slapping into onto the ground and into the massed Orcish infantry. But for all his strength and brutality, the Beast lacked subtlety. An Orc lunged at him with a spear, and he slapped it aside, then grasped the Orc by the head.

It clawed, bit, and spat, but it made no difference. Ardwen used his strength to force its face into a nearby wall. There was a sickening crunch, and the Orcs snarls turned to blood-vieled gurgles. The Beast did not care. Again and again he slammed the creature’s head into the wall, till there was nothing left but a disfigured mass of blood, brain, and bone. Orcs stepped up to avenge their fallen brethren, those who had died to this demon of the battlefield. A spear caught Ardwen in the thigh, his armor took the blow but the Orc kept the spear there and pressed the strike. The Beast did not care. The Orc found its death waiting in the arc of a sword brought down directly overhead, the Orc gave a whimpered shout before it was half-split and half-crushed into two bloody pieces.

Orcs continued to rush the fallen gate though in a desperate all-or-nothing counter-attack. The Beast charged again, crouched, and whipped his sword along the ground with one arm, the blade cracked into ankles and shins, splitting armor and bones alike. One Orc fell to the ground when Ardwen’s blade took its legs off at the knees, a black-clad boot crushed down on its skull, ending its pained yells. Grudgingly the Orcs gave ground; with every death and with every flight of arrows loosed they yielded a little more – slowly but inexorably.

Finally, there was nothing left to kill no Orcs remained in the area around the keep. The bodies of countless dead littered the battlefield, Elves and Men and Orcs and Dwarves. The Beast looked about, trying desperately to find something to kill or maim. But there was nothing, the Oath demanded the Elves and their tools (for this is what the man inside the armor assured the Beast the Humans and Dwarves were) remain unharmed. The Oath was too mighty for even the Beast to forgo, but the Beast still had to hunt. Walking over to the keep, heedless of who or what he walked over or past, the Beast approached its stout walls. The Beast’s head titled back and it smelled the air, the poignant sent of enemies wafted from the keep.

But there was no way in! The cowards had made the walls to stout to smash through, too tall to climb over, and the only entrance was protected by a sturdy wooden structure that even now had Dwarves and Elves swarming about it. The Beast let out a frustrated snarl and pushed against the wall as if to test its integrity. The Beast snarled again as it brought the large blade to bear against the wall, the sword rang and hummed with the pummeling, and the wall moaned and chipped, but the Beast made no headway. Finally the Beast dropped the blade and clawed at the wall, sable gauntled hands scratching and prodding for any weakness. Still the wall would not yield, would not crack like the egg it was to let the Beast inside. In rage and anxiety the Beast tilted back its head once more and let out a primal shout to the uncaring winds.

Written by - Trinni Shannon

"You certainly can, my lovely Little Phoenix, you can start by gracing me with your name and what time you'll be available for dinner. Then, my Little Phoenix, I beg of you to bless me with your company while I wait for Commander Deltheron to make his appearance."

Laughter barely supressed, Lithwyn leans against the desk and flashes a smile, beginning the game.

"Well, Little Phoenix is a grand description, but I tend to go by Lithwyn in most situations." Winking, she crosses her arms over her chest and continues. "Dinner will be touch-and-go I'm afraid. So many suitors, so little time after all. Perhaps I can check my availability and get back to you?" Laughing now, emphasizing her joke, she then taps her lip with a finger in the illusion of deep thought. "Hmm... well, one of the Commanders, for we have two you know, is off raging a minor skirmish with some pesky Orc. A triffle really." Her offhanded explanation of Commander Ithramir's whereabouts served mostly to stem her own fears with a minor benefit of not giving the human sailors ammunition for story telling regarding the "war-mongering elves." Such an annoying stereotype, that one.

"As for the other Commander, well... I'm sure you will find yourself in their presence shortly. For now, would you care to take a walk? I can show you around Lothiel-Gadith if you wish. I prefer to be in this office as little as possible, it seems whenever I'm in here I am getting into trouble or having to hold my words while I receive a tongue lashing!" Laughing at her duality, she has to admit that her statement is completely true. The only time she is in this office is when there is some problem or other. In which case, the unhappy party invariably rants at her while she tries to remain neutral and calm.

"So, now that you know my name what shall I call you, my charming flatterer?" Standing, she gestures toward the door for him to precede her.

Grateful, for once, that Kenthalas has the rather annoying habit of refering to her as "Commander Deltheron", for it is only he who could have instilled such a thought in this man's head, she carries on the game to learn what a man such as this would want with Lothiel-Gadith, the true reason that is. As no one else refers to her by her surname, well, except for a few of the stable boys and that priestess who left with the march, she is fairly confident her identity will not be revealed until she so wishes.

Written by - Ariana

The night air was crisp and warm, and Mavigan took a grateful breath as she remained seated, propped up against the tree. The only sounds she heard were the soft whisper of tree branches and the gentle whine of insects. The knot of tension between her shoulder blades gradually started to loosen as the calm seeped into her being, and she rolled her shoulders in relief.

Her moment of relief was short lived, however, when she heard a horse approach. Panic made her stomach clench and she rose to her feet ready for a confrontation. The person who appeared, faintly illuminated by the moonlight, was not Wilhelm or a conclave of guards sent to drag her back to the citadel. Instead, once the hood was pulled back, Mavigan realized that this was the priestess she had seen healing the Bitch.

Mavigan released the hold she had on the hilt of a dagger, and resumed her place at the base of the tree. Wary, she listened to the conversation Crystal had with Keeryn, content to let her new bodyguard handle the situation. Obviously she wasn’t here to take her back, (Huff, like she could!), and Mavigan suspected Teran had his own reasons for asking her to come along.

Shrugging her indifference to Crystal’s company on the trip, she said, “I don’t care. Come if you want.” She paused for a moment and then continued, “Of course, our guide neglected to tell us exactly where to meet him, and I, for one, am no longer inclined to wait for him to find us.” She rose to her feet, dusting off the back of her clothes with absent pats. “So let’s go find him!”

Idly wondering if Teran had left her behind, and not liking the possibility at all, she grabbed the reins of horse and started leading him south.

Written by - Wilhelm

In accordance with his instructions, Wilhelm was awakened before dawn at the first sign of light in the upper sky. He was informed that Mavigan had not returned to the Citadel but was still out in the woods, not having left the area either. Wilhelm sat down to the breakfast that then then brought in and listened to the reports.

A courier from the army reported that the assault on Minas Aure had been ordered and that by now at least the outer ring should have been taken. The courier had seen no signs of enemies along the route. A ship had arrived during the night at the port and the captain had come to the Citadel to see Lithwyn, who was already up. Work on the fortifications at the port had continued through the night and was going well. The Sea Elves reported no signs of enemy vessels or enemy movement along the shores. Rangers reported no signs of enemies on land near the Citadel. A Citadel mage reported no unusual magical activity save for an odd event in the Library concerning a shapechanging by the alien loremaster.

Wilhelm thanked the messengers and finished his breakfast. He then dressed in his old bounty hunter guise and finished packing his travel bags. He sent word for Sable to be fed and prepared for a journey, along with a packhorse to be packed with travel gear and rations. Sipping his morning tea, he then settled down to await the report on Mavigan's movements.

Written by - Rikshanthas

He stood in a field of death. The cobblestones ran crimson with the blood of the slain. Steam rose from corpses that lay strewn about where they had fallen, human, elf, dwarf and orc alike; here and there a carrion bird could be seen picking about the remains. Yet the fighting had not ended - no, he could still hear the clatter of steel on steel, the voices raised in battle songs, war cries, battlefield commands, shouts of challenge ... and howls of pain. The whole scene had an air of unreality, as if this is what was happening, but not how.

As he walked through the mist toward the sounds of battle, Khelek'urya glowing in his blood-soaked grip, he was struck by the horror of it all as he had never been before in his life. He was a mercenary, war was his life, death was his business; yet here he stood, shaken to his core by the devastation surrounding him, a strong feeling it was all wrong twisting his gut. He tried to shake it off, but the gnawing feeling of ... imbalance, he realized, finally putting name to it, remained as he continued toward the battle.

The mists parted to reveal a scene of complete chaos: orcs, dwarves, elves, humans blended together in one gigantic melee; in the midst of it all the gods themselves battled, or so he guessed from the sight of a great, brilliantly glowing elven warrior, locked in mortal combat with the most fiendish-looking orc he had ever laid eyes on. As he watched, the Elflord beat the Orc back, yet failed see the shadowy form creeping up behind and beneath him. He couldn't focus on it, he merely caught an impression of nebulous fangs and claws, yet the sight of this shadow beast filled him with such fury and loathing that he gasped. Yet his legs would not carry him into the fray; even as the elven warrior triumphed over the Orc, the shadowy evil crept up on him, preparing to strike. He tried to call out, but his tongue was leaden. He raged at his inability to warn the shining Elf; with the battle on his mind he could not realize his own peril! But something in his heart told him this was a foe Khelek'urya could not slay, a form the crystal blade could not pierce. At the same time he knew there was one who could defeat this creature, one he must find and warn before --

" 'Ave ye gone completely daft, lad?"

Lienad started. He was in the infirmary; a dwarf with a broken leg sat next to him, prodding him in the thigh with the hilt of a dagger.


"You tell me," the dwarf continued, putting away his dagger. "We were talkin' aboot that fine blade o' yours when ya jus' give me tha thousand-yard stare like an Orc'd just softened yer scalp wit' 'is mace."

"Oh ... Sorry ... I need to go," Lienad replied absently, turning and walking out of the infirmary like a man in a daze. The dwarf watched him leave with a puzzled expression, scratching his bearded chin. Then he shrugged. "Humans," he said with a quiet chuckle.


Several hours had passed before Vhar'Kanix was more or less himself again; he had started to remember scattered facts, though what had happened in the library was still a blur. Aelarra managed to procure him some decent attire, since his own robes, which had been found balled up under a desk, understandably no longer fit. Whatever the reason for his odd transformation, he still wished to make himself useful for the duration of his stay, which circumstances now rendered indefinite.

"I wonder what's taking that guard so long?" she wondered aloud. "He should have been back by now."

"As I understand it, the lady Lithwyn can be difficult to find unless she has made herself available," Vhar replied, with a cynical edge to his voice that made him pause. While he was glad to be able to speak - he remembered the telepathic ability his own people used, which seemed all but lost to him now, had caused a number of problems - he was unfamiliar with the practice, and things tended to come out quite differently than he intended because of unintentional changes of tone or inflection.

"True," Aelarra conceded. "Well I'm going to go find her. Guard probably didn't think of the most obvious place, so I'm starting at her office. Coming?" she asked, holding out her arm.

"It probably would do me some good," he answered, taking the proffered arm and leaning on her for support, since he was still weak and not quite familiar with the configuration of human legs. The guards, seeing his apparent frailty and thus discounting him as a threat, relaxed somewhat, and held the door for them both as they exited, heading slowly toward Lithwyn's office, most people not giving them a second glance.

Written by - Tempyst

"Come now, even without my godsight I can tell by the way you shield and walk with her that she carries your child. Even if you did not mentally know this, your souls and bodies knew. Now I say to you both again, why are you here?" Ithramir leaned his back against the stone wall, waiting for their answer.

Tempyst was the first to speak. She took a step forward, this time, keeping her stance more respectful than what it was the last time they met face to face. "Good Sir, we have grave news for you; it concerns your safety. Nyrondis has charged us with your protection. So if you please, may we have more than just a moment of your time to tell you what has been reveiled to us." She could see the disbelief and amusement fill the elf's eyes, no doubt wondering what these two mere humans could to to protect him. "Please, Sir Wilhelm felt this important enough to send us to you directly. I assure you, once you hear us out, you will know and understand our duty to you."

Written by - Turin Wallace

Listening to Tempyst, he waits till she is done and then answers, half jokingly,

"My safety? Young one, my safety is always in danger."

Seeing that his humor did not find it's mark and that a true concern marked their faces, he continues,

"Alright, if Wilhelm has sent you, then something worth merit has come up. I shall give you those few mo..."

Just then Ithramir watches as Ardwen runs by. Looking on with a hint of sadness, he watches the warrior begin pounding on the doors with his sword and hands, trying to get inside to the Orcs. Inwardly, he thinks, "I see it has begun, the bloodlust is upon him, perhaps he wasn't as strong as once believed he was. A pity, really, we could use more of his kind." Returning his attention to Lucant and Tempyst, he finishes his sentence,

" shall have those few moments. You must be quick, those doors will not last forever, and I will be leading the first wave in."

Stopping a passing elven soldier, Ithramir gives a few quick orders as to what needs to be done while he is indisposed a few moments. After leading the two to a safer spot, he says,

"Alright, tell me the news you bring."

With his arms crossed, he eyes both of them and waits for the news they carry.

Written by - Renalis

Renalis reaches the gates where the dwarven ram continues to batter. He can hear the chanting and decerning its words, Renalis also feels for the fallen, and silently acknowledges their sacrifice and the sacrifice of those who will die in the last hours of this battle.

"When the gate falls, we charge through! Commander Isuiln, remember, you must strike the last gate and hold it. We'll join you when we can!" Lord Ithramir called out to all assembled at the gate.

"We go to meet our enemy, we go to end this, once and for all..." Renalis's thoughts trailed off as he took his place at the front right next to the gate, which was now all but knocked down. Renalis saw Ardwen approach, but he was different. He could feel something different besides the appearance of the beast-shaped helmet he now wore there was something. He could worry about it no longer, the door fell to the might of the dwarven ram and Renalis knew immediatly beyond would be a maelstrom of carnage. As the doors fell Ardwen leap through and into the fray, like some kind of animal he savagely decimated the Orc forces.

"That is what is different... the armor..." Renalis's throughts were distracted as he noticed an Orc sorcerer taking notice in Ardwen. He was the Orc taking aim and chanting, moving his hands in a manner that could not be mistaken for anything but an evocation. "I don't think so..." Renalis quickly sprinted forward, cutting down the few orcs here and there between the Alliance forces that obstructed he path to the Sorcerer. A large bolt of lightning began to leap forth from the Orc's hand and toward Ardwen, but Renalis intercepted it, "Now now," Renalis spoke mockingly, "That isn't very nice." A coy grin crept onto his lips as the lightning was coursing from the Orc and being held by his hand. "But then again, neither is THIS!" Renalis's eyes flared a bright blue - the same as the flaring soulstone - and they were once again like saphire spheres. A burst of energy coursed through his body and out the extended hand. It forced the lightning back along its path and the combined energy entered the Orcs body. As suddenly as the burst appeared, it disappeared within the Orc and only moments later, the Orc burst into azure flames, reducing him to mere ashes.

Along the way to the keep, there were many Orcs making their final stand. Ardwen lead the charge, furiously destroying any Orcs foolish enough to test his mettle. Renalis was content to deal with the remain Orcs with the charging Allied forces. One Orc swung his large axe overhead but he was too slow. Deflecting the axe to the side, it buried itself deep into the ground, "foolish savage." Renalis said calmly as he brought hi sblade back up, cleaving the Orc in twain. He continued to cooly walk forward toward the gate, staying just enough outside of Ardwen's wake to deal with as many Orcs as he had time for. A bolt of lightning leapt from his palm and charred an Orc archer on the walls. Renalis made a quick leap forward just past an Orc who swung wildly at the deft human but missed wildly. Renalis brought his blade back and stabbed the Orc in the chest and sent a manasurge along the blade to free it from the Orc's bones. With the blade still trailing Renalis ran forward, and remembering what his brother taught him, he leapt into the air and spun around, easily cutting two more Orc heads from their bodies as easily as he cut through the air.

Landing crouched, Renalis could no longer see and Orcs moving. He approached the overhang that Ithramir too took cover under and awaited the breaking down of the keep's gates. He noticed Ardwen seeming to lose his mind, bashing at the wall and clawing at it with his armored hand, "The suit has control doesn't it? He seems to be nothing more than an angered beast... poor soul..." Renalis pondered the warrior he had come to know as Ardwen but turned his attention to the commander, awaiting his order to charge after the gate was down.

Many people approached Ithramir and while Renalis was taking this time to rest and regain his energy, he listened to those that spoke to Ithramir and his replies.

"The orcs, they like to starve prisoners, it takes the fight out of them so when they sacrifice them to their god they won't resist. Seems Kaya was found in time, no?" Lord Ithramir notioned to an elven woman in the distance being helped by one of his soldiers.

Renalis looked down at Kaya, and felt that something was wrong... something he couldn't identify but something... shaking his head, "Must be the battle..."

Written by - Lucant Dolvan

"Alright, tell me the news you bring." The imposing Elf crossed his arms and waited for a response. With his duties heavy on his mind, Lucant spoke gravely: "Lord Ithramir, a demon seeks your life. Lord Wilhelm, Lady Lithwyn, even Nyrondis Himself... they have all sent us here to protect you from this demon and to save the one it has possessed. I do not intend to fail them." Cutting straight to the heart of the matter, Lucant waited for a response from the stoic warrior.


Still smiling, Leov thought to himself "Maybe I ought to listen to Her more often." Enraptured, he played right into his Phoenix's hand: "Lithwyn, you say? A beautiful name... it suits you well." He stood up from the plush chair and his make-shift footrest slowly. He brushed the dust and small clumps of mud off the desk and onto the carpet, making sure he left no scuff marks - just in case the opportunity ever presented itself. His eyes still locked on the fiery young Elf, he said as non-chalantly as he could: Well, if you don't like being here, let's leave. I'm in no hurry, and, to tell you truly, I'm not really all that comfortable here myself." For once, he was telling the truth.

Taking his cue from Lithwyn, he moved out into the hallway. After she had shut the door behind her, she joined him for a walk. "Where are my manners? I still haven't intoduced myself. My name is Leov. Leov Klein." He did not bow to her, as most men would - he merely kept walking at his leisurely pace, slowly moving closer to Lithwyn the further they got down the hallway. The only person Leov would ever bend his knee to was feeding the worms now. "Now, what did you have in mind for us to do? For you, Lithwyn, I have all the time in the world," he said looking at her with his usual sly grin.

Written by - Turin Wallace

"Lord Ithramir, a demon seeks your life. Lord Wilhelm, Lady Lithwyn, even Nyrondis Himself... they have all sent us here to protect you from this demon and to save the one it has possessed. I do not intend to fail them."

Ithramir listened, unphased by what he was hearing. Did not Lithwyn tell him he would meet his death in the battles ahead? Avandor himself issued a warning to him as well. Fell deeds are beginning to awaken, they want him dead, they want him removed. Ithramir knows he stands on the brink of a terrible chasm, but it is his choice, and he has made it.

Answering the two before him, he says,

"A demon then? Well, let us not keep it waiting! We must take this keep from the Orcs, then march through the mountain pass to Minas Uial, then re-take it from the Orcs. I daresay this demon needs to get in line for my head, for thousands of Orcs are already working on taking it from my shoulders."

The sarcasm bit harder than he has intended, as he saw the look on their faces. With a deep breath, he says,

"I do not mean to belittle your information, or the task you have been given. If you have been sent to protect me, then by all means, you have free access to me. If you prove yourselves up to the challenge, I accept your aide. Just steer clear of me in battle, and if I attain avatarship, do not touch or come close to me. Is this understood?"

As he finishes, he waits to hear their reply before heading back to the front.

Written by - Tempyst

Daveon dashed back through the square, once again dodging arrows with ease. He ran up to where Nohlani was squatted down by the woman they had just rescued. "Captain!" He panted, not from being out of breath, but from the rush the battle. Nohlani stood, and turned towards his runner. "I have reported to Ithramir and he said," Daveon gave a wry smile, "to see that she is cared for and that you are to become personally responsible for her."

Nohlani sighed. "He said that, hmm? Fine, so be it. Daveon, run back to our squad and tell Kolly that he is now in charge of searching the buildings until I return. If he has any questions, he can send you back to me." Nohlani gave Daveon a pat on the shoulder. "Good work. Now, get running!" He smiled and turned back to his charge. Daveon saluted his captain then turned, runnign back into crowds of soldiers and rubble.

Written by - Tempyst

"...Just steer clear of me in battle, and if I attain avatarship, do not touch or come close to me. Is this understood?" Tempyst put a hand on Lucant's arm as Ithramir finished speaking.

"Yes Sir, it is understood." Her voice was calm, but her grip tightened on her husband's arm. "A'Lanthear will be helping as well, it can detect and sense the demon. The only thing we do know for sure, is that the demon possesses a woman. This Nyrondis, himself told us. He would perfer her life be spared, but told us to stop her no matter the cost. Who this woman is, we do not know. But we will perform our duty." Tempyst paused a bit, then continued. "I am not a warrior, but I am not afraid of battle. However, while keeping close, I do think perhaps my healing skills could be put to use while we search and wait for this attempt. With blessings of Nyrondis, Lucant and I can sense each other and let it be known where we are needed." Tempyst did not let on to Ithramir that this ability may take time to manifest. "Lucant, you can stick closer to Ithramir, if nothing else, A'Lanthear can alert me and lead me to you." She gave a small bow of respect to Ithramir, then turned to her beloved and leaned up, kissing him. "Be safe my love, do not worry too much about me, I am not as fragile as one might think." She smiles and caressed his face as she saw the concern run through his eyes. Then she turned back to Ithramir. "Now, Sir, where may I be of most help in healing?"

Written by - Renalis

"Lord Ithramir, a demon seeks your life..." The man's words struck Renalis hard. "For once I was hoping I was wrong... Demons do indeed seek to control this world as well..." Renalis thought hard as he rose to his feet.

"A demon then? Well, let us not keep it waiting! We must take this keep from the Orcs, then march through the mountain pass to Minas Uial, then re-take it from the Orcs. I daresay this demon needs to get in line for my head, for thousands of Orcs are already working on taking it from my shoulders." After hearing Lord Ithramir's words, Renalis couldn't help but laugh a little on the inside, for he too always had these thoughts when demons were concerned... who was it that did NOT want his head?

"If you prove yourselves up to the challenge, I accept your aide. Just steer clear of me in battle, and if I attain avatarship, do not touch or come close to me..." After he and Tempyst finished, Renalis stepped forward, "As you know, I pledged myself to your cause Lord Ithramir, but during my time between worlds I encountered many a demon, both numerous and powerful, perhaps I too may be able to lend my aid. I fight alongside you at the front."

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