Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Welcome to the home of House Ancora! House Ancora (HA) is a fellowship of online gamers dedicated to promoting cooperation, role-playing, and merriment in company with one another across the varied landscapes of today’s online gaming environment. We firmly believe that friendship transcends any gaming environment and is independent of any specific style, genre, server, or realm.

Book One - The Elven March to Westgale

Written by - Renalis Page 26 Book 1

"Now, gentlemen and new one, what is this important discovery you have made?"

Renalis stood there... somewhat shaken at first by the flare of his mana gem "I will never get used to that..." Renalis thought to himself. He noted the source of the reaction and noted the energy crystal this being possessed but that was rather unimportant at the moment.

"Sir, you know not of myself or my Wife but we have come here to serve you and Lady Mavigan. You may recognize me from the dinner and I am sorry that we had to gain entry in such a deceitful manner but rest assured that we come with the best intentions. Father Agmund has proved my words to be true and my heart pure, I want only to help and I have come here with information hopefully to do just that."

Renalis breathed deeply and ordered his thoughts. "I saw the Necromancer and his allies, they were gathered together in the sewers but they opened a portal and went somewhere, close to Ancora, I believe. But that was not all I saw, I saw the powers of the avatar in their hosts... all of you. This strange being appeared through a portal around the same time as the necromancer disappeared, it is a strange being but I believe him to bear us no malace," Renalis shuddered at the last thing he remembered, "A dark one, a person with dark power within him nearby, I have no idea where, but nearby."

Renalis dropped to one knee, his sword presented to Ithramir, "Sir, my wife will remain with the Queen, but I wish to go with you, to aid you in your defence of these lands. My blade and my magic are yours sir."

Written by - Turin Wallace

Listening to Renalis, Ithramir cooly replies,

"You and your wife, with blade and magic, shall be welcomed in these lands. Since you have found out so much about this enemy I charge you, and those you see fit to aide you, to seek him out in these lands. If he is close, then I trust you will find him and do what needs to be done.

As for our new-found friend, he seems to bear no ill will towards us. See what you can learn about him, more importantly, see if we can communicate with it. Perhaps there is more information that we can glean and put to good use."

Staring at Renalis, he then adds,

"You have done well, on my return, you shall be rewarded."

Giving the small group a nod, he turns and faces the two folks approaching him with one of his rangerss leading the way. Within a few moments this new group arrives and the ranger introduces them as Diosr and Alulael.

With a slight bow of the head, Ithramir introduces himself and greets the newcomers. After talking, he learns that they bring dwarven reinforcements to the citadel. As the hour is late, Ithramir offers them shelter within the confines of the citadel and sends his ranger out to fetch the dwarves from their camp. In the morning they would be granted audience with Mavigan, but since the hour was late and that the events of the evening no doubt took their toll on all involved, it would be best not to disturb her further. Calling to a nearby ranger, Ithramir gives Diosr and Alulael rooms for the night and bids them good eve.

Finally alone, Ithramir walks the citadel to his room in silence. He was tired, the first time he felt like this in a long time. He would sleep this evening, for what little it was worth, and tomorrow he would ride out with his army, leading them in a desperate fight. One of many to come . . .

Here ends Book 1 of the House Ancora saga, which is continued in Book Two - A Gathering Storm.

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