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Book One - The Elven March to Westgale

Written by - Teran Page 25 Book 1

Teran doesn't react when he hears the somewhat accurate description of the assassinations. There is a splash of interest in his eyes, as if perhaps the stories he had heard we different. The rumors about the assassination said it was a demon of a man, who left half of the palace's staff and guard dead with the family. The assassin chose to believe those lies.

"I had a run in with the band the woman was traveling with." He says quietly, his interest in the rumors around the royal families assassination still flickering in his eyes.

"They attempted to kill me and during the course of that and what followed I learned much about their plans." The assassin pauses for a moment "Though the Princess may not know me, I was bound by duty to protect her and am her servant."

There is no malice in Teran's voice, nor really anything suspicious about him other than the circumstances of his arrival.

Written by - Turin Wallace

Still eyeing the man before him, Ithramir continues,

"Ah, so the woman did not act alone."

Pausing, briefly, he then adds,

"It seems they knew where to go in the labyrinth of tunnels and corridors of the sewer system beneath us. Very few have dared to go into them, and even fewer still possess the knowledge to find their way in or out. I'm curious about your travelling companions, how did they manage such a feat?"

Ithramir adjusts his seat and waits for the response.

Written by - Teran

The Assassin smirks at the mention of them being his companions.

"You misunderstand my relationship with the woman, and the others. We are not companions. They set the destination and I reacted to it as I saw fit." He murmurs quietly.

He pauses for a moment and cocks his head.

"It's true your labyrinth keeps people out... but I'd say the people that can get through are the ones you need to worry about most. Getting through is a simple matter when you're as experienced as the woman assassin." Teran shrugs helplessly.

Written by - Turin Wallace

Ithramir replies,

"Experienced or not, to find the correct path quickly and without getting lost is...interesting. I applaud the ingenuity and skill of these people, and believe me, there will be one less intruder to worry about soon enough."

Ithramir's expression and tone clearly refer to the female assassin from earlier, not necessarily the person in front of him. Pausing for just a moment, he speaks up,

"So, to be clear, for tresspassing most would be executed as the female will most assuredly be. Yet, I did see your blade between the young queen and her assassin. I am not one to put someone to death on a whim, so let me ask, what are your intentions now?"

Ithramir watches the man's reactions and waits for his response.

Written by - Rikshanthas

The small group marched through the night in silence. What few attempts the Lorekeeper had made at conversation had been met with nothing more than confused and alarmed stares and an occasional mildly threatening gesture; he had used up nearly every dialect he could call to memory without so much as a glimmer of recognition. Not willing to soulspeak to his 'captors', for he feared how they might react, he turned instead to his surroundings, which he could see as clear as day despite the darkness and the pervading mist, which had lessened slightly since his arrival, much to his relief.

He was utterly fascinated by this new land; the similarities to his own home were astounding. Even those walking with him; so similar was their appearance at first glance that he at first mistook them for riL'en'DraI, the Light Elves he was familiar with. But now that he had time to study them he noticed the differences, both in appearance and demeanor. Where the riL'en'DraI were slight, almost fragile creatures, he noticed that beneath their armor, these beings had a sturdy construction, seeming built for battle. Their skin and hair were darker, their night vision apparently far superior. Where the Light Elves were calm and controlled, even complacent, these warriors definitely seemed agitated, nervous about something other than himself. Their eyes darted warily about as they marched along, as though expecting an attack of some kind.

Curious, he thought to himself, his stride slowing as he pondered. Such is the behavior of men at war, something the riL'en'DraI have not decended to in generations. It is obvious enough these men are definitely not riL'en'DraI. Could they be related somehow? I wonder if - His thoughts were interrupted by a prod from the elf behind him, reminding him to keep moving. He resumed his pace, his mind examining the possibilities.

They had been walking for nearly four cycles when the Lorekeeper looked ahead and finally saw what must be their destination: a quaint little fort reminiscent of riL'en'KurA design. He realized he was in error as they drew near, for despite its small size relative to the sprawling, towering cities of his own people, the citadel was far from tiny, and its resemblance to the work of the Night Elves was superficial only.

The group stopped at the gate, and the group who had escorted him this far left him to enter the citadel, apparently to retire for the rest of the night -- the Lorekeeper had noticed they seemed exhausted -- while others took their places guarding him. A messenger was dispatched to fetch the leader of this force, or so he assumed by their chatter. Surely they cannot consider me this much of a threat, he thought incredulously, glancing at the amount of weaponry aimed in his direction. But then, I suppose I should not be surprised. The young races always fear what they do not understand, he said to himself, acknowledging by their dress and arms that this was a very young people, and thus the First Law of Contact was in effect. He sighed softly, waiting for someone important in their hierarchy to arrive so that he might learn more.

Written by - Kiradia Afirewen

The setting moon light glittered over head as the elven scouts entered the fortress. Inside was a hive nest of activity with a surprising number of men up and about considering what the day ahead was bringing. The elves threaded their way through the open grounds of the fortress and walked as quickly as they might to where everyone said Commander Ithramir was.

When they came up on the interrogation chambers the guards outside stopped the two scouts with nods of their head and spoke, “What is your business with the Commander?”

“We are here to bring important information to Commander Ithramir. We have allies, other than the humans now.” The scouts excitement when he spoke was obvious.

Nodding, the guards told the scouts to wait while the Commander finished his interrogation.

Written by - Teran

There is little response from Teran... he seems to be deep in thought.

"I would not be so quick to execute your assets." Teran states, referring to the female more so than himself "She attempted to kill the Queen yes... but she is easily controlled... and she has knowledge that I need."

The assassin is silent for a moment as if considering his next words carefully.

"I intend to continue protecting the Queen. I will, circumstances willing, take the woman and hunt down her former companions."

Written by - Renalis

Still touching the Violet gem, Crystal was worried. She felt the amount of energy flowing in the link and knew it was but a mear fraction of what had possibly hit her husband. But her fears were put to rest as she could feel his love through their link. "Try to be more careful my love, she thinks to herself.


Following the lead of Father Agmund and Resini, Renalis walks quickly behind, adjusting his armor as he walked. He was still very tired from the mana surge, but was significantly better than moments ago, and this information was vital and Lord Ithramir had to be informed immediately.

After leading them in circles and asking many an Elven guard Resini finally leads them to the building that was apparently Ithramir's location. Preparing to enter, Resini opens the door, but before entering a scout comes running, "hold the door for me!"

The Scout who has obviously been running for some distance is nearly out of breath.

"Lord Ithramir is here correct?" the scout asks Resini.

"He is... what of him do you need?" Resini asks.

"An intruder has been captured near the citidal, he is very Alien to us..." "Describe him to me!" Renalis interupts.

The scout goes on to describe perfectly what Renalis saw in his visions of the surrounding area.

"Bring him here at once," Renalis demands.

Looking to Resini for guidence and recieving a slight nod, the Scout runs off and the Creature is brought to the building.

"He is truely unlike anything I have ever seen" Renalis's thoughts trail off and he is interupted by Father Agmund, "Go and alert Lord Ithramir to our presence, when he is ready, we must discuss many important matters, this Adept has seen much and can be trusted to relay all he has seen to Ithramir."

Bowing at this compliment but returning his attention to the being, and noting no mouth, "Can you speak?"

Written by - Rikshanthas

The Lorekeeper was not waiting long before one of the scouts returned to bid him enter, but during his brief wait he was able to learn a few things by observing those guarding him, most notably a basic grasp of their language from chatter that passed between them assuming he could not understand them -- which he couldn't, at least at first. They were as tense as the scouts who had brought him here, though it seemed in their case to be more excited than apprehensive; perhaps those inside the Citadel knew something the scouts hadn't. This was definitely a fortress built for war, so he surmised that either a siege was imminent that those inside were well-prepared to break, or they would shortly be marching out to conquest and glory, or whatever these early societies valued. It also seemed to him that the guards expected him to try something rash; obviously he wouldn't, not when there was so much to be learned by inaction ... but of course not being privy to that knowledge, the guards would be on their guard. He winced inwardly at the unintentional pun.

When the scout returned and he was admitted to the Citadel, he stopped a moment to take in the scene before him; however he was not afforded more than a brief glance around before he was shuffled off unceremoniously and brought before two humans -- curiouser and curiouser, he thought to himself. First elves, now humans. Have I stepped into another Plane entirely? This is very interesting ... His attention was drawn by the elder of the two when he spoke in another language entirely, confusing the Lorekeeper if not surprising him. His mind immediately began to examine what was said in an attempt to understand. It was obviously a command to the scout, who immediately ran off into the citadel; he also heard the same word, Ithramir, twice in the brief statement, in a tone which led him to conclude it must be the name of an individual, perhaps the commander of this fortress. The command, then, must have been to fetch him. There also must have been something indirectly addressed to his companion, for the younger man bowed to the elder before turning to the Lorekeeper. The words he said, though unfamiliar, were rather clear in their meaning, accompanied as they were by a dubious glance at the Lorekeeper's face. He was no doubt asking if the Lorekeeper were capable of speech. He chuckled inwardly at this as he inclined his head, the glow of his eyes deepening to an amused violet at the simplest of barriers that stood between them as long as he refrained from mind-touch.

It was then that he felt the warmth in his wrist which bore the Gatekey, confirming what he had sensed initially: these were men of Power, and thus to be treated with the same respect he himself commanded among his people. He bowed slightly and slowly brought up his open hand to chest height, palm up in the formal greeting. To his surprise, the Manastone in the Gatekey began to glow ever more brightly until it shone like cyan fire. The Lorekeeper had seen such a glow before: the stone was recognizing a fellow. He arched an eyebrow in astonishment, his eyes brightening to the amber of shock. "Zhek'emna shri'xtnu kharai!? Vu'chant nil ka'mex!"* he whispered, dumbfounded.

* A human with a mana crystal?! I cannot believe it!

Written by - Varg

Varg spent much of the dinner content to hide amongst the guest. He had no need to stand out for his strength was to be unassuming. He caught alot of strangeness among the people that surrounded him. He noticed their was more to Renalis and Crystal, mere servants they were not. There was no sense of danger so no need to persue further, in time the truth of them would come forth. The way Ardwen looked in that suit of armor was most ominous. What was it that so feared the priestess that gazed upon him in such adornment. Deep in his thoughts and a strong calling of God, he watched quietly and on content as the evenings activities proceeded. Watched as the reinforcements came, and watched the Ranger bringing his report. It was them that his most pressing call was made to him.

An overwhelming word spoken from God came forth. "This is your path I put before you. You shall prove your worth through my gifts. You will glorify My name. For many an age children will hear stories of your bravery. Everyone will hear of your deeds in every corner of this world. You must go now to defeat the orcs that knock at the doors of this kingdom. You alone have the power to decimate their forces."

Disturbed by the clear voice in his head Varg slowly makes his way from the dining hall. The feast was magnificent, the likes he had never tasted, but it was time for him to prepare. Varg makes his way to his room and begins to gather his most essential equipment and packs it up, dons his armor and begins to speak to Gerwulf to relay what is happening and where they are going. All the while Varg senses danger about, but cannot focus on such as this is not his calling. God will let happen what is to happen, his time and learning has taught him this. If anything is to happen, their are plenty of capable individuals to help in the event of an emergency. Varg starts to remove paper from the desk and jots a note to Ithramir.


Do not make haste to the keep Minas Aure in defense nor bring the numbers you have planned. This threat shall be handled by the glory of God. I make my way now to defend that very keep and drive back the foul orcs that wish to overthrow it. Know you this, it will be done!
I will meet you in the keep of Minas Aure in a few days to celebrate the victory.
Till then,

Varg then seals the note with wax and his signet. He then proceeds to kneel and pray to God, and after several minutes stands again and takes one last look to see that he has his essentials and makes his way out of the keep with Gerwulf at his heels. On the way out of the main keep Varg hands the note to one of the Rangers posted and asks him to insure Ithramir receives it.

Heading to the stables Varg is somewhat awed by the numbers that have come to aid in the keeps defense. Undaunted he proceeds to the stable and saddles Belenus and prepares him for the long ride ahead.

"Well friends our calling is upon us once again. We leave this eve for the greater glory of God, may He have mercy on our souls and strengthen our resolve. I know not what is in store for us, but we have a great battle to fight and have little time to get to it."

With that Varg prays for a speedy trip to Minas Aure. He then mounts and Belenus starts towards the gates without a word edgewise from Varg. He moves in a manner as if God Himself is leading him down the path of which we shall proceed. Varg is able to slip out of the gates with little difficulty with all the comotion and celebration over the reinforcements.

Varg says one last prayer and then begins to drift away in sleep. It is better to rest along the way knowing they are in God's hands then to arrive exhausted and unprepared for what challenges they will face. With Gerwulf on watch and Belenus being led to where they must go Varg drifts off to sleep with no worries.

Written by - Turin Wallace

Ithramir quietly contemplated the man's final words,

"I intend to continue protecting the Queen. I will, circumstances willing, take the woman and hunt down her former companions."

Speaking, Ithramir replies,

"Your good, master assassin, but perhaps you presume too much? Or maybe I am willing to let the circumstances come about that you wish to have."

Watching him, he continues,

"Therefore, what I offer you is this, you may have the woman and you may have your leave. The one thing I ask in return is that you work with us and keep us advised into, let's say, more shadowy matters. You have skill and intelligence, obviously to last this long in your trade, and I would hate to see them go to waste. As to compensation, I am sure we can work something out for your help."

Pausing long enough to let the offer sink in, he asks,

"So, do we have a deal?"

Written by - Teran

Teran pondered what Ithramir meant by advisement... and then by compensation. In the end it didn't matter Ithramir was giving Teran what he wanted. Access to Jasmine, and Access to Mavigan.

"We have a deal." he murmurs.

Written by - Turin Wallace

Nodding, Ithramir responds,

"Excellent, as you can see, I am not entirely unreasonable as some say. As promised, I will have a guard bring the woman here, and in some form of decent health. Maybe a bit bruised, but none the worse for wear. Also, you will recieve a downpayment for your work."

Scribbling something onto a piece of paper, Ithramir then gets up and hands the note to the man before him, saying,

"This paper will allow you to travel freely in our lands unmolested. If you have any problems with local authorities, show them this, and all will be taken care of. Now I must tend to other pressing matters, master assassin. I bid you a good eve and some measure of luck in your tasks."

Moving to the door, Ithramir turns and says,

"Till we meet again."

Walking into the corridor, Ithramir quickly tells one of the guards to fetch the female and have her brought to the assassin. To another guard, he dispatches him to give the assassin a pack filled bloodcoins and a few gems as payment. WIthout question, these go off and do as they are told.

With the current business finished, Ithramir looks forward to getting ready for the morning's tasks. However, upon exiting the guardhouse Ithramir is greeted by guard handing him a note with a few visitors standing about. Inwardly sighing, he looks at the ranger with the guests and says,


The ranger replies,

"Milord, it seems Agmund, Resini, and Renalis have made some sort of discovery, it is most urgent they speak with you. Also, a some scouts have reported newcomers to the area, they have allowed them to come within close distance of the Citadel. They await your command whether to let them come any closer."

Seeing the men's faces were about ready to burst with news, and the fact they had a strange visitor with them, Ithramir replies to the ranger,

"In accordance with our ways, bring the command of this new group into the Citadel at once. I will meet with them promptly after talking with these men. Go now, time is short for the eve."

Before the ranger could even turn to leave, Ithramir now looks at the the men and creature before him, and says,

"Now, gentlemen and new one, what is this important discovery you have made?"

Written by - Kiradia Afirewen

Having received his orders from the Commander the Ranger quickly saluted and stepped away before going off at a dead run down the corridors as fast as he could. Barely waiting for the stable boys to tell him his horse was ready he jumped onto the back of the horse and dug his knees into the beast's sides. Galloping out of the stables he was out of the gates and back into the night.


Back in the camp, almost thirty minutes later, Alulael Sadrilil had been woken with the rest of the command group of Diosr's party and was putting on her best dress. A very formal version of her regular cloths that covered more of her skin than normal and had less leather bound into it.

Once she was dressed she stepped out of the camp and smiled at Diosr. He wore a simple black doublet and hosen over his chain mail and breastplate and his beard was forked with gold wire into points at the end of it. His hair was also braided in a military style meant to intimidate foes. Alulael smiled at him as she walked forward and bowed.

“Are we ready to meet the Queen then, Commander Diosr?”

“That we are lass, and my men are ready to slay many orcs in days to come!” He laughed the laugh of a warrior about to enter battle and the men around him gave laughing agreement to his statements.

Nodding Alulael moved to her horse and mounted it delicately, “Then, let us be off soldiers!”

Smiling as they went Alulael Sadrilil and five dwarves rode their horses at a rather fast pace, following by two scouts along the road, until they came upon the gates forty minutes later.

The men at the top of the gates looked down at the party and nodded, expecting the group for some time. They called down loudly, “You are to report to Commander Ithramir immediately. He is expecting you.”

As the gates opened and Alulael and Diosr's command dismounted, their horses were taken away and they were led to meet Commander Ithramir.

Written by - Varg

After a long ride Varg arrives at Minas Aure at dusk the following day. He quickly scans the horizon to size up the Orc army. They are surprisingly organized for the typical dim wittedness of their race. Varg goes about preparing for what is to come, the whole time in prayer as he checks his gear. He is a wound up ball of nerves now, the uncertainty of what is to happen gilded by the reassurance of God puts him in a nervous position.

"God you brought me here for your purpose, help me to find my center and grant me a calmness to do Your will. Show me where I must go and what I must do, for I am your humble servant."

A calm begins to settle on Varg and the knowledge of what is to happen becomes clear. He instructs Belenus to find a good spot to hide and stay clear until he is called again. Then Varg calls Gerwulf from the shadows and pats him on the head and rubs him behind his ears.

"Are you ready old friend? We have much work to do tonight." Varg continues to talk to Gerwulf to instruct him on what is going to happen, and what he must do. Then they both make their way towards the keep using the shadows to hide them from sight. Once he makes it to the keep he lets out a sigh, "Here we go good friend."

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