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Book One - The Elven March to Westgale

Written by - Archeantus Page 21 Book 1

“Who are you?” She heard the meddler ask.

The question rained on deaf ears. Her emotion and grief had reached a boiling point. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she ran at him. He was the only thing tangible in her world now; the last thread of will power she had left was to complete the nothingness.

Holding the sword low as she came at him, she twisted and brought the sword across in a vicious diagonal strike…

In that same instant, the two undead guards began to rise, their deathless eyes centered on the queen who now was watching the scene in shock and horror from the corner of the room.

Written by - Teran

Metal rang against metal and the room flashed with sparks as Teran deflected the blow. He spied movement behind Jasmine and though that perhaps the guards had survived this woman's initial attack. His hopes died quickly though as their true nature was revealed. He attacked Jasmine with mostly feints, trying to guide their fight to place them between the undead guards and the Queen.

Teran doesn't truly go on the offensive... something about the woman nagged at his mind, a link perhaps to his past he would not sacrifice unless he absolutely needed to. He seemed to be waiting for her to answer, even if she never intended to give him one.

Written by - Archeantus

She was fighting a losing battle.

Her every move was desperate, and as each of her wild swings was parried, the stark realization of her veritable quest for revenge grew hollow. She had wasted her whole life. Sparks lit the room and died as their blows clashed, much like the lives she’d taken. She was fighting a master, and she knew time was quickly slipping through her desperate fingers.

Yet, with this morbidity, she grew increasingly mystified by her will to survive. Why continue to fight this man? There was nothing to gain, nor to gain pleasure from. Swing after ferocious swing, jab after deadly jab, she realized how futile it all was.

And then there was the look he gave her. His livid grey eyes remained casually fixed on her. They spoke of curiosity, familiarity. It unnerved her. His question suddenly turned tables in her mind. Who was this man? This coupled with her dying will to fight blurred her skill, her reflexes, her mind. Slowly, her vision began to cloud over with a vibrancy of multiple colors. Unbeknownst to her, they came from underneath the crack at the bottom of the door.

And then suddenly there was a sound that rose in her ears, a slow resounding chime of bells. Memories showered within those sparks that sprang from the steel blades, explosions of pain that let loose, bottled up all this time. Her marriage, so long ago, was her final thought, and the words the Priest spoke now came back to her in mind numbing fury,

“Till death do you part…”

It was then that the two undead, with unexpected quickness, darted for the young queen, their gaping mouths open in terrible hunger, their eyes aglow with limitless evil.

Written by - Wilhelm

Wilhelm focused his tracking sense on the room again as he focused on the door. Besides the three heartfires he had seen before, that of Mavigan starting to glow with Divine brilliance, there were two blood-red blots, and the mental stench of Undead assailed his senses. He sank further into Unity, becoming the Avatar of his god and awaiting His Word. The Voice of the All Father resounded throughout his being.

"My Sister tells Me that her stubborn fledgeling High Priestess needs your help NOW!"

Battle Fury raged in him as a surge of power right at the limit of what he could channel filled him with ecstacy to the point of pain. As he began his run at the door and focused on the lock he gave a magically augmented Battle Shout that boomed across the Citadel,

"To the Queen's Chamber! Assassins and Undead assault the Queen!"

He leapt up, his body turning horizontal, his legs tucked in then kicking out as he reached the door, his boots thundering into the door just as his prayer for Censure caused a blinding column of white force to smite the lock. The lock shattered and the door crashed inwards with a deafening boom. Wilhelm landed on his feet, took two steps forward, and swung his glowing shield to bash one Undead guard aside as his glowing faith hammer swung at the other. His aura filled the room with multi-colored light. "For the All Father and Nagarren!", he cried.

Written by - Isuiln Fellblade

Isuiln leaped out of his bed as the alarm bells tolled. He was out the door in a flash, only slowing to buckle his sword belt around his waist, which he had grabbed as he exited the room. He immediately ran for the courtyard, intent on getting to the front gate, immediately assuming that the castle itself was under attack. He flew out into the courtyard, but those outside seemed confused, dashing about to locate an enemy that was nowhere to be found.

Isuiln grabbed a passing soldier. "Where is the attack coming from? Where is the enemy?!"

The soldier shook his head in bewilderment. "They must be somewhere inside! There have been no reports from the wall, and while we know there is an attacker, no one seems to know where." With that he turned and ran off.

Isuiln stood dumbfounded for a moment. Then he did the only thing he could think to do: run. He ran, hoping that he might bychance find this elusive attacker. Then, a booming shout rang throughout the keep.

"To the Queen's Chamber! Assassins and Undead assault the Queen!"

Where in the blazes is the Queen's chamber? Then a nearby window lit up with a white flash, followed by a multi-colored glow. Isuiln looked to the window and saw that there were gently swaying vines along the length of the wall, reaching nearly to the ground. He leapt upon a bench and swung up onto a second floor balcony, then quickly began ascending the vines, almost as if they were helping him climb swiftly.

As he drew even with the balcony, several of the vines he was holding seemed to come loose, and they swung him over towards the doors into the Queen's chamber. He slammed into the doors, breaking through the glass, and he winced as he felt several shards bite into his exposed flesh. He released the vines and tucked into a roll, then came up into a crouch, and had to pause a moment as his eyes adjusted to the bright glow that was Willhelm.

Written by - Teran

Seconds before Wilhelm shattered the door, Teran moved to intercept the undead. He lashed out, kicking the feed out from under the leading guard as the door shattered. For the briefest moment Teran's guard was open to Jasmine to strike at his right side.

Written by - Ardwen

"Feh, guess I won't be getting any sleep tonight. Battle, Orcs . . . such change in this world. I wonder how my kin here fight?." Ardwen was mumbling to himself in the cooling night air. The night had been fairly quiet, There seemed to be some loud talking in the hallway down from the guest quarters, but Ardwen thought nothing of it.

"Almost sounded like Ithramir for a minute." Ardwen mused, "Ah well, he's probably out getting things ready, if he's shouting a bit I can understand that." Shrugging he let his chin rest on the front of the breastplate of his armor. For a moment, the moon was obscured by clouds and the world was bathed in utter darkness. It was a passing moment, but it caused Ardwen to raise his head again.

Suddenly a booming shout rent the sient air, "To the Queen's Chamber! Assassins and Undead assault the Queen."

Ardwen's eyes opened fully now, he hefted the large blade off his should and held it aloft leaning from one shoulder blade to the next. He glanced about and darted toward the entrance to the corridor outside of the guests quarters. He had to angle the blade to go in length-wise, but he kept up his dash regardless. When Ardwen entered the hallway, his blood ran cold.

Lights. A dazzling display of color danced and twisted in the corridor. The strange light seemed to be coming from further down the hallway, but even at this distance the strange aurora still bewildered the eyes. Ardwen did not, he could not allow this to interfere though. While his mind reeled his feet kept moving, he pushed himself to run as fast as he could in his plate armor.

Rounding a corner the Queen's Chamber came into view. Outside the door streaks of blood marred the floor. The door to the room was completely destroyed and the strange glowing lights that had coated the corridor seemed to eminate from inside. Steeling himself, Ardwen ears rang when a loud shout came from inside the Queen's chamber, "For the All Father and Nagarren!"

Ardwen let out an unconscious growl. He hated the name of the All-Father, even if this was a different one, with a passion. There was no time for this now though, he ran to the door and looked inside. The scene was one of pure chaos: an unknown assassin and an equally enigmatic defender seemed to be sparing off in the chamber, each vying for the upper hand. The paladin Ardwen knew as Wilhelm was already in the chamber, with one shield he was fending off what looked to be a slain guard who had risen from the grave. The paladin's hammer was bearing down toward another undead guardsmen.

Ardwen attempte to shout out some warning or encouragement, but the only thing that escaped his lips was a feral warcry. He began to charge into the room, selecting the undead that had been bashed by Wilhem's shield as his target. Something though, caused him to slow his charge for but a single footfall. He could not feel his armor. In fact, he felt . . . numb over his entire body. Shrugging off the odd feeling Ardwen ran into the room and let his massive sword go into an overhead arc. He was glad the roof here was higher than the typical chamber.

The sword barreled down toward the undead that was stumbling from the blow of Wilhem's shield. The strange feeling continued though . . . and the intense desire for bloodshed began to fester within him.

Written by - Archeantus

The meddler suddenly turned slightly and slashed out at one of the dark figures that passed by them. This allowed her to lunge quickly and slice into his exposed thigh.

Suddenly the door exploded from its hinges, and a soulful blue hue, dazzling and pure, enveloped the room. In flew a large figure, decked in glowing silver, brandishing a massive hammer and shield. He bashed one undead with his shield, who had previously been hindered by the meddler, and swung at the other with his hammer.

Her moment had passed, her life was forfeit. It was all over. She had ultimately become a failure, a vacuum of revenge and hopelessness.

Upon this final realization, left with nothing to slay, nothing to alleviate her vengeance, she did the only thing that was left to do.


Launching backwards, born of renewed finality of her ultimate resolution, she turned and set her sights for the moon far outside through the stained glass window. Yet as she turned, in that last fleeting moment, she again saw the face of the queen who she had intended to destroy. The look in her youthful face, watching the events unfold, was something that etched into Jasmine’s frenzied mind. There was a distinct thought that permeated above all the chaos that suddenly surrounded her.

Bounding over the bed, flying past a sudden figure that appeared by the window, she leapt head long out through the stained glass. A thousand colored shards, glittering in the moonlight, exploded along with her, falling into a sea of stars…into the unknown…

The last thought that went through her mind the moment before she had jumped, was that she had seen in the eyes of the young queen, the face of a goddess.

And it sent a fear worst than living through her.

All the while the undead, undaunted, born of unnatural strength, wounded, began to lash out at their attackers, their eyes still centered on the Queen.

Written by - Turin Wallace

Enjoying what little time he had in the evening with Lithwyn, it was all disturbed when he heard the shout,

"To the Queen's Chamber! Assassins and Undead assault the Queen!"

Flashing a simultaneous look of concern and a sigh, Ithramir leaps from his chair and grabs his sword, quiver, and bow. Opening the door, he rushes out and begins making his way to her chambers. As he gets closer, guards are already giving him bits and pieces of information, until finally he arrives at Mavigan's bed chambers.

Looking in the room he can already see Wilhelm, Isuiln, and Ardwen engaging the Undead. He also spies two unknown figures in the room, one male and the other female. They seemed locked in combat with each other until the female jumps out the window.

With a strong voice Ithramir yells to a nearby guard,

"She should have only fallen into the garden below. I want her alive, if possible. Kill her only if you need to. She could have information we can use."

Knocking an arrow, Ithramir shoots into the leg of one of the undead, severing the hamstring. As it falls, he watches as Ardwen dispatches it with ease. Advancing, he aims another arrow at the leg of the beast attacking Wilhelm, although missing his mark he watches as Isuiln and Wilhelm quickly finish off the undead.

Without so much of a pause, Wilhelm runs to Mavigan's side to see if she is ok while he, Isuiln and Ardwen turn to the other intruder in the room. Ithramir begins to knock his bow as he looks over at him . . .

Written by - Renalis

Running full sprint down one of the hallways, Renalis and Crystal spot one of the sources of the powerful energies - the bright flashes of green and blue can be seen even from around the corner.

"To the Queen's Chamber! Assassins and Undead assault the Queen!"

The booming voice from around the corner shook Renalis to his center, and Crystal could feel the embodyment of the holy being.

Rounding the final corner Renalis and Crystal approached the shattered door and could see the blood on the floor from the once-dead guards, as well as the shimmering lights coming from within the room.

Approaching the room, Renalis hears Ithramir's commanding voice, "She should have only fallen into the garden below. I want her alive, if possible. Kill her only if you need to. She could have information we can use."

The guards head down the hall away from Renalis and Crystal, but one of them spots the odd pair standing in the hall out of the corner of his eye. Turning towards them he yells, "Lord Ithramir, more intruders!"

Written by - Teran

Teran raced towards the balcony as soon as it was apparent the queen would be safe. His running was wreckless, giving the quicker of the Queen's defenders a chance to lash out at him however nothing short of a deathblow could halt him.

The wound in his thigh cried out in his mind... that leg did not feel as reliable or sturdy as it should, but Teran kept going... to the edge of the balcony, onto the railing and midway through his jump he felt his wound tear open even more. His leg gave out and rather than a majestic jump to safety he fell awkwardly away from the balcony, getting half the distance he was hoping for.

Teran prepared himself mentally for the impact as he twisted through the air on the way down. Prepared to meditate, to attempt to heal the broken tail bone, the shattered pelvis, the crushed legs and back that all could happen if he landed the wrong way. He knew he could not escape at all if he could not get out of the courtyard he would land in quickly.

What Teran was not prepared for a relatively soft landing...

Written by - Trinni Shannon

"Tul e', Lithwyn, amin cael na duil lle."

At Ithramir's invitation, Lithwyn slowly opens the door and steps into the cool dark room. Approaching him, she smiles grimly and takes the folds of her dress in her hands in a slight curtsey. As he says what she already knows, she simply nods in acceptance. Standing by his side, hands clasped in front of her, she listens for a moment, and then...

"You are quite a capable leader, Lithwyn, no matter the outcome of our ride I know you will do what's best for our people."

Swallowing convulsively, she turns her head toward the view as her brow furrows. Ithramir's gesture going unnoticed, she moves towards the balcony and places her hands on the stone, bracing herself. Biting her lip, she simply nods though her thoughts stream through her mind in a torrent. The best for our people... sh is still so young and has so much to learn ... Another handful of cycles, maybe. But now? She can't handle it now. We need time, but we do not have it! ... only so much I can teach ... memories ... Gilraen sees but does not yet see ... so young.

Ithramir's deep voice breaking into her thoughts, "... and if we are doomed then let me meet that end with nothing left unsaid between us." Lithwyn's eyes widen at such a possiblity. To just give in. To accept her past once and for all. To tell anyone, especially him. Tilting her head back, the light of the moon bathing her face, she fights back her emotions. Gripping the balcony so tight her knuckles turn white she only shakes her head as HIS face flashes in her mind. The memories coming fast, unbidden: His smile... his silvery laughter... his withdrawal... his lips where they should not have been... the fateful battle... bodies of orc and elf... his face as life drained away... his bright blood on her hands as it melded into the creases... the grass flying past her... complete and total aloneness... a scream - an awful, sorrowful scream that somehow came from her lips... blackness. She almost screamed again, but the thought of such abandon frightened her. If she released it now, would she ever stop?

Blinking slowly, returning to the here and now, she releases the death-grip on the railing and utters an old name below the sound of hearing, little more than a whisper in her mind. When will the visions of the past die away? Why must it haunt so? Taking a deep breath, she unconciously murmurs a prayer, the first prayer she ever learned. Realizing what she had done, her eyes open widely as she looks inward. No, nothing. It has not been removed. Continuing her vigil blindly, out of shame and despair, Lithwyn does not realize what she truly wants and desperately needs. Turning, pushing her thoughts down where they belong, she moves towards the chair and talks casually with him, as she usually does. Never revealing anything. Not even to him, especially not to him.

"To the Queen's Chamber! Assassins and Undead assault the Queen!"

Even as Ithramir reached for his weaponry, Lithwyn was running out the door, her dinner gown flapping in protest behind her. Making a sound of dismay, she yanks up the thick fabric in her hands to run all the faster. Her thoughts angry by such a breach of the citadel's safety, all thoughts of ettiquette flee her mind as her pale, bare legs flash in the light. Ariving outside the Queen's chambers, she quickly takes in the scene. Blood... dead guards... Wilhelm... the man in possessed armor... Isuiln... Mavigan in a corner, apparently, thankfully, unhurt... a strange man fighting a strange woman, both unknown to her. Realizing she was weaponless and couldn't possibly help in the already crowded room, she ran on, whispering prayers under her breath.

Taking the shortest route possible, she reaches the temple entrance and throws open the door. Panting, she calls out for attention.

"The Human Queen is under attack, make haste, I do not know how many are injured! Where is Nysden??? Gilraen! Take our strongest healer with you, Queen Mavigan appears unhurt, but she cannot die in our care!!!!"

Running from the room again, she nearly flies to the tower attached to the citadel gates, now wishing she had at least taken the time to change before going to Ithramir's room. She didn't even have her bow on her person. The guards, already over alert due to the news of orc invasion, met Lithwyn a few paces before the gates. Gasping for air, a hand on her hip, she leans back to suck in air as quickly as possible. Able to speak again, though still gasping, she quickly informs them of the situation. Even as one guard ran to ring the alarm bells, and a group ran into the citadel headed for Mavigan's room, more guards emerged from the tower as she instructs them.

"No one is to leave the Citadel this night! Wake up reserves, light all the torches. I want the grounds searched, within and without! Only Ithramir's trusted core of rangers are to go outside the walls, I want the forests searched. Absolutely no one else leaves, under any circumstances, got it? The assassin must have a camp somewhere, must have left some trace. Find it! They may have others working with them so be on your toes and stay in groups. I want to know why, for whom, and HOW. By the gods we will find it, and tonight! This will not go unpunished!"

"Yes my Lady, we will not fail you." The captain stepped next to her side and continued with the instructions as Lithwyn dissapeared within the walls of the citadel, running towards Mavigan's chambers.

Even as she ran, more guards arrived. Still shrugging off sleep, they became wide awake upon the news. Outraged by such an invasion into the citadel, they were eager participants. Never does anger give rise to action as assuredly as the thought of a breach to the citadel's safety. Oh, the culprits would be found, yes, they would.

Written by - Ariana

Mavigan tried to keep an eye on all the forms bursting into her room at once. Keeping a tight grip on her first throwing knife, she waited to see who would prove to be a threat to her person. Yet, it seemed each time someone moved in her direction, her white-haired savior would move to intercept. She felt oddly safe considering the mass chaos that was in her room. Lights flickered and glowed indicating the use of magic; Wilhelm burst through her door, glowing with divine retribution; other figures piled in behind him and soon her chambers looked less like a bedroom and more like a war zone.

The only close call she had was when someone flew through the window. Shards of glass scattered into the room, several giving Mavigan a few cuts along the side of her facing the window. She paid the cuts no mind and was priming to release her dagger when the elf ran past her to confront an enemy. She stilled her hand and smirked. That guy was lucky not to get a dagger in his ass.

Despite all the figures and chaos surrounding her, however, her flickering gaze kept returning to the main fight between the elf who saved her and the bitch who wanted her life. It was obvious that both fought on a level that was far beyond her own. There was grace and speed in each movement, and Mavigan could only watch with envy.

Then everything changed. The bitch ran and jumped out the window, casting a look at the princess as she went that Mavigan could not interpret. Shortly after that, her white-haired hero followed.

Mavigan was vaguely aware of Wilhelm crouched by her side, carefully inspecting her form for life threatening injuries, but she paid him no mind. She had only eyes for the peeping tom that had saved her life. Brushing Wilhelm aside, she made her way to window, ignoring the bite of glass as it clung to her bare feet. Nearly frantic, she threw herself out onto her balcony and peered over the railing.

The bitch had apparently cleared most of the foliage growing near her window, and was tossed in an unmoving heap on the floor of the courtyard. And there, tangled in a mass of vines, and hanging upside down several yards below her balcony was her benefactor. She couldn’t fathom how he had managed to get himself so tangled from a simple leap, but it didn’t really matter. He stared up at her with cool grey eyes as he swayed gently in the breeze.

Never being one to back down from a challenge, she propped one arm on the balcony rail and leaned over. Looking back at him with a full blown grin on her face, she asked: “Lle anta amin tu?” *

Written by - Isuiln Fellblade

As Isuiln came crashing into the room from the balcony, a figure flashed past him and exited the way he had come. As he landed, he watched the figure, and saw as it threw itself off the balcony with wreckless disregard. But there was no time to worry about that person now.

Isuiln crouched, and as soon as his eyes had finished their momentary adjustments to the light of Willhelm's glow, he saw the paladin and Ardwenn fighting a pair of gaurds. Growling at the gaurds' obvious betrayal, he launched himself at the one nearest to him, whom Willhelm wasa fighting. His twin rapiers flashed out of their sheaths, each glowing softly with a dull blue aura.

He lunged, ramming the sword through the gaurd's back, twisted, and yanked the sword back out, expecting the gaurd to fall over dead. Instead, the gaurd turned and swung a sword at him. Isuin barely got a sword up in time to parry, and fell ungracefully onto his bottom, recieving several more cuts on his hands and hind-quarters. He looked up, and saw the gaurd staring at him in a slack-jawed stupor, eyes filmed over in death. They didn't betray us... not in life, at least. May their souls find the peace their bodies haven't.

This all took a fraction of a moment. Before he had a chance to rise, the undead gaurd was upon him, sword arm raised to strike. Then Willhelm's hammer connected with it's sword arm from behind, causing a sickening crunch, and the sword dropped to the ground. As it turned once again to Willhelm, Isuiln leaped up, and positioning his swords like scissors, sliced through the gaurd's neck, and he fell ungraciously in a heap, head rolling nearby.

Quickly scanning the room, he saw Ithramir in the doorway, bow in hand, having apparently helped Ardwenn with the undead he was fighting. Mavigan was behind her bed, apparently unhurt except for a few small cuts. Then there was a man. All eyes turned to him, and he looked around, then made a dash for the balcony. Isuiln moved to stop him, but the man deftly shrugged off his attempted grab and half leapt, half fell from the balcony. Rushing to the edge, Mavigan close behind him, they saw that he had somehow been caught in the ivy that resided on the wall. There is most definately something odd about that ivy Isuiln thought, remembering his own climb to the balcony. Mavigan leaned over and said "Lle anta amin tu?" Isuiln almost fell from the balcony laughing.

Then he remembered the figure that had leapt from the balcony as he entered. He saw it, down in the gardens, sprawled out unmoving. Looking for the fastest way down, he too launched himself off the balcony... to the next balcony below. Landing, he hopped to yet another lower balcony, then to the ground. Sheathing one of his swords, he held the other one at the ready, and approached her carefully. Seeing that she apparently wasn't conscious, he quickly inspected her for weapons, tossing any he found a safe distance away. Only then did he check her for signs of life.

Written by - Ardwen

Ardwen’s blade arched through the air, but the undead guard reacted faster than he anticipated. Instead of splitting it naves to chops the massive sword instead lopped off a goodly portion of the abomination’s body from the right shoulder down. Blood and gore oozed from the huge opening, a wound like that would’ve felled any living creature.

Ardwen growled in savage fury as he prepared to lift his blade again for another strike. Suddenly though, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the female assassin who had been fighting with another mysterious rogue make a dash for the window and balcony, leaping off into the space beyond. Ardwen barely registered that, but then a commanding voice called out from behind, "She should have only fallen into the garden below. I want her alive, if possible. Kill her only if you need to. She could have information we can use."

It was Ithramir. A second later an arrow shaft lodged itself into one of the legs of the undead creature Ardwen was fighting. The arrow cleanly severed the hamstring of the monster, and it fell as it tried to drag itself forward. Sweeping his blade in a circular motion Ardwen severed the creature at the waist, watching with glee as it fell into two unmoving halves.

Another arrow whirred by, this one missing the mark of the other undead guard. But in an instant Isulin and Wilhelm had it down. Wilhelm crushing one of its arms with his hammer and Isulin cleanly severing its head with a double crosscut. Grunting with satisfaction Ardwen turned to regard the other rogue in the room, the one who moments before had crossed steel with Mavigan’s would be assassin. Without a warning Mavigan’s enigmatic benefactor dashed for the balcony the other rogue had leapt from.

For his efforts the man received a wound on his one of his legs. It hindered him enough so that when he jumped he did not seem to make it that far past the lip of the balcony. Ardwen attempted to focus, to push the strange feeling in him back. He still could not feel anything, but he knew that the call for bloodlust in the armor would only increase.

Now was not the time. It was only this little instance of battle that had drawn out the power of the armor enough to numb his entire body. His mind briefly reeled at the prospects of its full potential, if he gave in rather than resisted he could – crushing the thought for the deception it was he tried to find his focus once more. He took in a single gulp of air, and looked around the room. He had to focus, his oath to protect Mavigan was on the line!

The floor was a mess of undead body parts, blood, and gore. Kneeling down next to one of the now truly dead guards Ardwen wiped off some of the mess from his blade. Standing back up, he could once again feel sensation returning to his body. It was akin to sleeping on one’s arm and then awaking to find it slack and benumbed. Slowly feeling crept back into all parts of his body.

Standing back up, Ardwen noted Mavigan had brushed past Wilhelm to the balcony, and apparently Isulin had joined her. She was even now stretching a hand over its edge, while he watched the young priestess called out, "Lle anta amin tu?" Blinking in puzzlement, Ardwen watched as Isulin launched himself over the edge of the balcony.

“Damn. “Ardwen said mildly, “I’d get that balcony removed, it’s letting more people in and out than the door.” Lifting his blade he allowed it to point out in front of him, sloped down at a gentle angle till it nearly touched the floor. Ardwen then said to Ithramir, “Well kano*, what needs doing now?” It was then Ardwen noticed that two figures were heading towards the chamber, one apparently an Elf, the other Human. They wore brilliant armor that seemed to glow from two central crystals.

“Interesting.” Ardwen grinned shifting his greatsword slightly. “I do not recall those two.” He said as last waving a hand in their general direction.

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