Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Welcome to the home of House Ancora! House Ancora (HA) is a fellowship of online gamers dedicated to promoting cooperation, role-playing, and merriment in company with one another across the varied landscapes of today’s online gaming environment. We firmly believe that friendship transcends any gaming environment and is independent of any specific style, genre, server, or realm.

Book Four Pt 2 - The Eastern Pass

Written by - Teran Page 30 Book 4

Teran sat and listened in complete silence. If he was intimidated by Mavigan or the Raven's display he did not show it. He understood that he would never be trusted but found such displays unnecessary.

"I will do as you wish." Teran said quietly. "When are we to depart?"

Teran's tone was neutral, quiet but self assured. He did not wish to provoke or hurt anyone with a careless word so he had kept his response short.

Here ends Book 4 of the House Ancora saga. To be continued?

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