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Book Four Pt 1 - The Eastern Pass

Written by - Ariana Page 16 Book 4

Turning from the mirror, she glanced at the two slumbering women. Her mouth turned down in a slight frown. They wouldn’t be much fun to play with if they were sleeping.

Shrugging, she walked - still naked - to the door and tentatively extended a hand. The wards glowed briefly and she glared at them. The bars of cage still held. She wondered how far the wards extended, so she opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.

Two guards, one on either side of the door, looked at her with wide eyes.

Written by - Wilhelm

Wilhelm saw Mavigan's mortified look. While he was both disappointed in Mavigan's delusion and lack of caution, and sad to see her spirit so low, he was relieved to see she had not been badly hurt and that the delusional after effect of Mavigan's first real battle was only temporary. Some never recovered from the impact of their first battle.

"Then let us depart this hill top. If we can see the city then they can see this fire on the hill."

They put out the fire by covering it with dirt and then removed all traces of the campsite. As they left hill top, Wilhelm gently laid his hand on Mavigan's shoulders, as if to guide her, and gave a gentle squeeze. He whispered to her,

"You fought well in the catacombs, Mavigan. There is more you can learn, but you made me proud."

As they walked down, Wilhelm used a leafy branch to remove all traces of the footprints going up and down the hill. He led them away from the hill to a secluded grove near the base of another hill, in the center of which was a small clearing with a spring. There they set up camp to wait.

Wilhelm pulled some travel rations from his pack and passed them around, and then unwrapped another bundle and handed it to Mavigan. Inside was Mavigan's horse bow and quiver.

"Now that your wounds have been healed, you will want these. Sometimes it is better to fight from a distance."

Wilhelm ate some of his rations and then looked at Mavigan, smilled, and said,

"So, what is the mission and what is your plan to accomplish it?"

Written by - Teran

Teran turned away from Mavigan once he was sure she felt properly chastised and beckoned Sabbatine to follow him. He spoke quietly to her and pointed at the city eliciting eager nods from his undead friend. He pointed at Keeryn and seemed to be scolding Sabbatine who had a mixed look of disappointment and offense on her face that he felt the need to tell her not to try and eat or even get a little taste of the mysterious and wonderful creature. Lastly he nodded towards Wilhelm as he gave her the last of his instructions and then he was gone.

Sabbatine stood there for a moment as though she had not noticed his departure and then came to her senses and shuffled back towards the group, keeping her eyes on Keeryn wearing an expression on her face that seemed to indicate she was in her own fantasy world.

She nearly bumped into Wilhelm.

"Mister Wilhelm? Teran told me to tell you that he is going to meet us on the inside and that he had business that could not wait until dawn." She warbled in an overly cryptic voice, interrupting his question to Mavigan because she had been daydreaming "He also told me not to eat your friend and to follow your rules until he returns."

She stood there alternating her gaze between Wilhelm and Keeryn while occasionally glancing at Mavigan.

Written by - Vylia

At the sound of the door opening Vylia jerked out of sleep and sat upright. When she noticed Ariana was no longer in her bed she threw off the covers and stood up, frantically looking around the room before her eyes caught Ariana standing just outside the door to the room. She had been the one to open it apparently. Vylia rushed over to Ariana with a blanket in her hands.

"Ariana, what is wrong? Come back into the room before these people get angry again and send their mages." Before Ariana answers Vylia wraps the blanket around her. "At least come back inside until we can get you some clothes."

Written by - Wilhelm

Amalia, mage on duty, turns as an alarm crystal chimes. Seeing that it is the one attuned to the detection wards on the room the powerful but deranged woman had been placed in, she looks into the crystal to see that the woman had managed to open the door and push through the ward, which was impressive although the inner door ward was not as strong as the outer ward at the end of the hallway. She saw that the woman was naked and covered with recently healed bruises.

Just then the other woman emerged and wrapped a blanket around the first woman, saying somethng about waiting for clothing. Well, that was something that could be done.

"Kathana, the woman is awake and needs clothing. She also passed through the inner ward like it wasn't there. We better take her some clothing and calm her down."

Kathena, Priestess of the All Father, runs to the ready room and gathers up an armful of female clothing kept for time of need and the two make their way to the holding room, with Amalia opening and closing the wards as they pass through. Amalia, dressed in blue mage robes, says,

"Greetings. I am Amalia, Mage of the Blue Order, and this is Kathana, Priestess of Tinorb the All Father. Now that you have rested, here are some fresh clothes for you. Dress yourself and then we can sit and talk."

Kathena, clad in white priestess robes with the sign of the triskelion and a triskelion pendant, arrays the clothing choices on the bed. There are underthings, white robes, a couple of dresses, some shirts and blouses, tunics, vests, pants, and several types of shoes and boots.

Written by - Ariana

Mavigan looked up at Wilhelm from where she crouched, hurriedly stuffing her belongings into her pack.

“Mission? Plan?” she asked softly. She paused in her efforts, casting her gaze towards the ground. “Whatever I had planned doesn’t matter now.”

Her shoulders tensed for a moment, and then she resumed packing. When she spoke again, her voice was soft and uncertain, belying some inner conflict. “I suppose the new mission is to kill my Uncle.”

Here ends Book 4 Part 1 of the House Ancora saga, which is continued in Book Four - The Eastern Pass Pt 2.

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