Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Welcome to the home of House Ancora! House Ancora (HA) is a fellowship of online gamers dedicated to promoting cooperation, role-playing, and merriment in company with one another across the varied landscapes of today’s online gaming environment. We firmly believe that friendship transcends any gaming environment and is independent of any specific style, genre, server, or realm.

Our Story

Once upon a time, a group of like-minded online gamers came together to form an online gaming community, House Ancora. One activity many of us enjoyed was role-playing, and from that interest was born the lore and story of Ancora. Thus far, we have created four "books" of round-robin role-play threads, which represent a portion of the creative endeavors of the community. These efforts are archived here, for both enjoyment and posterity.

To see how the story begins, please read The Saga.

To read the story, please click on any of the links below:

Book One - The Elven March To Westgale
Book Two - A Gathering Storm
Book Three - The Reckoning Pt 1
Book Three - The Reckoning Pt 2
Book Four - The Eastern Pass Pt 1
Book Four - The Eastern Pass Pt 2

Gather up your gear, don your armor, fill your tankard to the brim, and come join us! The fun is just beginning.

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